Membership fee

You can test three trainings for free, after that, you have to pay a training fee

  • Training fee: 300 SEK/term
  • Family fee: 1000 SEK/year
  • Taiki membership: 150 SEK/year (NOTE! the Taiki-membership is included in the training-fee)


Graduation fee

Within graduation, you have to pay a fee. From the blue-white belt trough the brown belt, the fee is about 100 –> 200 SEK. First year you’ll normally be able to graduate two times a year. From the brown belt and above, there will only be one time a year.


At the first course, you can have normal workout-clothes, preferably sweatpants, and don’t forget to bring a water-bottle with you! You’re only allowed to wear your belt when you have a training-suite (called ”gi” or ”dogi”).

In Taido, we use gi (training-suite), white jacket and black trousers of a model called ”hakkama”. For those who haven’t been training so long, we recommend you to buy a cheaper one, an offwhite ”karategi”. A company called Budo Nord has one model called ”Empei”. It costs around 400 SEK. They also sell ”Taidogi” that costs around 1 800 SEK. Two of Budo Nord’s reseller is Budo & Fitness and SBI Sport.

Empei white

Taido gi

Extra costs at competitions

The open championships that is being set up around in the country is normally taking a charge at 150 per competitor. It’s recommended to buy for example a jockstrap when fighting.